01 1-2-1 Instrument Sessions

For learning that is specific to you

You will feel empowered by learning a new skill and sessions will be tailored to your needs. Classes will challenge and engage you and you will leave each session with a better understanding of your chosen instrument. 

Piano, Singing, Guitar and Violin classes available.

02 1-2-1 Music Theory Sessions

Dive into the world of music theory

Music theory is at the base of instrumentation.

You may decide that playing an instrument or learning to sing isn't for you, however you would love to be able to understand music. 

Musicque can help you out.

Classes with Ryan or David available.

03 Mini Sessions - Theory

A bite-sized piece of the pie

Mini sessions last 20 minutes and are a convenient way of learning music theory for those with hectic lifestyles. This has proven highly successful and sessions can be taken from the comfort of your own home. 

Classes with Ryan or David available.

04 E-Musicque 

An online approach to your music education 

Engage in live theory seminars with likeminded people. Become part of a growing network of music theory members of Musicque. Regardless of geographic location, you can enjoy the same quality of learning outside our service areas.

Enquire about our online platform.



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